Glowy and the Misunderstood Shark

Do sharks fart? Join Glowy

and Shep the Shark.

The Sparkling Adventures of Glowy The Fish

Glowy meets

Crabby Patty

Glowy and the Lost ​Treasure

Glowy’s Great Escape

Glowy and

Spotty Scotty

Who is Spotty Scotty?

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Find the lost treasure in this unforgettable series that is sure to leave a glow in your heart!

Why is Crabby Patty

so crabby?

Find out!

Grab your goggles, hitch a ride on a dolphin, and join the enchanting world of Glowy the Fish.

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*Also available in Hardcover editions on Barnes & Noble

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Las Brillantes Aventures

de Glowy El Pez.

Also in Spanish

El Gran Escape de Glowy

Glowy y El Tiburón Confundido

Glowy y el tesoro perdido

Glowy Conoce A Patty Cascarrabias

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*All books are also available in Hardcover editions on Barnes & Noble

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